A YouTuber’s Halloween-Themed Food Video About A Mass Suicide Is Causing A Debate Online

YouTuber’s Halloween :A Canadian woman named Chantal is facing intense criticism over a Halloween-themed mukbang video she posted last week. In the video, she is seen eating while discussing an infamous mass suicide when a flash of a dead body covered by a sheet appears.

Chantal, whose YouTube channel is called Foodie Beauty, told BuzzFeed News she’s not the only creator who’s making this genre of “true crime mukbang” content. Mukbang is a video trend in which a host eats copious amounts of food while discussing a topic.

Furthermore, Chantal said, her choice to show the graphic image is “nothing more than you would see on the 5 o’clock news.”

Still, some YouTube community members are calling Chantal’s video repugnant. Some people are trying to report it so that it can be taken down.

Her video has also caused discussions about “true crime mukbang” videos overall, which, as Chantal mentioned, other more successful channels have been making for some time

Chantal posted the video — titled “HALLOWEEN CHEESE CEMETERY MUKBANG!” — last Monday. In it, she’s seen eating a copious amount of cheese while talking about the infamous cult Heaven’s Gate and mass suicide from 1997. She includes an alleged image of one of the deceased cult members.

This, and the entertaining tone of her video, caused a wave of concern and backlash from viewers.

Many are accusing her and others who create similar videos of being “desensitised” to tragedies with human victims.

In response, Chantal told BuzzFeed News she has “put a warning” around the 20-second mark of her video to try to be sensitive. “Some may find the subject matter of this video disturbing,” it reads.

Still, many viewers and commenters say it’s not enough.

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